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Crime & Security Alerts

August 29, 2017 -Several times a week there are small wine bottles (type you get on airlines) thrown out along Calle Catalina.  This problem has been going on for months.  The Sheriff has been made aware of the illegal littering and will be monitoring the situation, so don't be alarmed at their presence.

August 5, 2017 - Sometime in the last day or so, two items were stolen from the backyard of a house on Aurora: a 300-lb. fire hydrant and a steel welding table.

July 25, 2017 - At a home on St James, someone pulled down the driveway in a white SUV (blue trim) after a few minutes she honked the horn. My son went out to see what was going on and she asked for $20 and was acting "strange". My son told her no and to leave the property. She did after a few minutes 

November 11, 2016 - We had another incident last night on Camino Lejano where a vehicle drove into the wash that crosses our driveway.  They only stopped when the trees blocked the way.  This is on my neighbor's property.  I have alerted my neighbors. 

This dose not appear to be  someone trying to turn around.   Perhaps they are looking for a place to dump stuff or nose around......  So please keep an eye out.  We will be putting up a temporary blockade etc.

September 14, 2014 - Home Break-in on Melpomene - details sent in email.

November 9, 2016 - Home Break-in on Melpomene - detaiWe had two separate incidents yesterday.  One in the afternoon where someone drove through our open gate and then turned around  in the driveway damaging several of my specimen cactus.  Then during the night another vehicle drove down our driveway, turned around in the wash that is located just before our gate.  We noticed footprints indicating they got out of the vehicle and walked around.  The tire tracks from the two incidents do not match.   I would just like to alert our Twin Hill Neighbors about this so that they can keep an eye out.  We will be keeping the gate locked from now on and installing other security devices. Our driveway is clearly marked with a Posted NO TRESPASSING sign.

>September 22, 2014 - Mail boxes on Melpomene-Catalina reportedly vandalized - The Neighborhood mailboxes at Melpomene & Calle Catalina were vandalized and have been removed and are in the process of being replaced. Rincon PO told me to call 520-296-1279 (Which seems always busy since I had to call Cherrybelle PO to have Rincon PO call me) in a day or two to see about picking up our keys. I suggested that they put a note ON the new box when the keys are ready. I wouldn’t count on the note since they couldn’t even put one on when they took the mailboxes telling us they were being replaced. I guess we go to Rincon PO to get our mail until then, because I don’t think they are going to deliver it to us.

September 19, 2014 - Update on Abandoned House - details sent in email.

September 18, 2014 - The abandoned house on aurora has been broken into again - details sent in email.

August 31, 2014 - Water Issues - There have been water break issues on St I did the call the realtor on Wednesday afternoon, and he said he would send someone to lock up the house asap. However, as Mark noted, the garage door is broken and does not close all the way, so it is worth keeping an eye on the place. The realtor also told me that although they have chased it out twice, the gila monster has returned, probably through that open garage door. They are aware that it is a protected animal and do not want it to come to any harm. Apparently, it is a good-sized gila monster—about two feet long—so if any of you go anywhere near the house, please be aware of it., 2 biggies in the last month needing major repairs. One of those just in the last 24 hours. One of those needed a new pressure reduction valve, not sure about the newest one. It might be good to check your water pressure as we have the highest water pressure in all of Tucson. Also check for leaks that may be the cause of the higher pressure. That happened to us, leaks in the drip, toilet issues and finally a big bust in the distribution line from the meter to the house. We had to replace our pressure reducing valve at the street. Water Emergency number is 791-4133

August 30, 2014 - Suspicious Truck - Two Saturdays, August 16 and today I saw a small Ford red pickup cruising west on Timrod between Freeman and Pinto. The license plate is BCW 6267. Perhaps it is workmen for someone. The first time there were two guys and today just one. The truck moves slowly down the street with no turns in at any driveway.

August 25, 2014 - Home Break-in on Timrod - details sent in email.

August 21, 2014 -8/21/2014 Mail Theft - There has been some mail theft in our neighborhood this month. Mailboxes along st james have been searched and left open. Also, someone tried to pry open a sturdy locked mailbox on that street. Mail has been stolen on timrod and pinto. Another locked mailbox on pinto was actually stolen, and the owner replaced it with a sturdy locked box. An attempt was made to pry that open august 14th. A neighbor on timrod placed outgoing mail in her box one morning, put the flag up, went for a walk, and when she returned her mail had been stolen, also August 14th. This is a reminder to pick up mail each day from private boxes at our driveways. USPS have a hotline # for mail theft. 1 877 876 2455.

December 14, 2013 - Homeowner on Camino LeJano (Monument Trail/Calle Catalina Area) reported that someone drove a truck up their driveway, backed it up and turned around destroying cactus. They did not pull into their yard where they could have easily turned around. Driveway is clearly marked "Private, No Trespassing" in several locations. The gate to their property had been left open that night.

Sometime around December 14, 2013 - Someone tried to break into a home on Calle Catalina. Home owner noticed two doors on the north side of the home were damaged around the locks. Alarm company decals were on the doors. The Sheriff's Department was called and will be taking fingerprints.

A neighbor reported seeing a Chevy Suburban/Tahoe in a darkish champagne color, almost a green with LOUD mufflers during the week driving into the driveway of the above home during the day. It happened several times and on one occasion the neighbor walked over to the connecting driveways to watch them, and upon being seen they drove in a circle then left. Tag had a vanity plate surround that blocked the tag. The windows were blacked out. Appeared to be two men in the vehicle. Could not see them clearly.

November 27, 2013 - The night before Thanksgiving, the vacant house on Aurora was broken into again. They cut the padlock that the bank’s agent installed on the smaller side gate and opened the front door, despite the new lock on it. The Sheriff’s Dept. was called, and two officers responded. The officers locked the doorknob on the front door and a neighbor put another padlock on the side gate.

November 6, 2013 - A large white house on Melpomene on the west side, right at Aurora, that is currently for sale was broken into. They stole a washer/dryer, refrigerator and some very heavy patio furniture. There were tracks from a quad (UTV) in the garage. A refrigerator dolly was stolen from the abandoned house on Aurora and apparently the house on Melomeme was broken into the next day.

November 5, 2013 - This morning, 11/5/13, we discovered that one of the back windows at the abandoned house on Calle Aurora had been smashed. We immediately called 911, and two Sheriff’s Deputies, Powell and Ledesma, responded. They had checked the house yesterday, between 9 and 10 a.m., and there was no sign of a break-in then. The theory is that it happened overnight. We’re certain someone was inside. The front door had been opened from the inside. A shade had been pulled down over an east-facing window and blinds that we left open were closed. Today several neighbors worked together to secure the house. There are now boards over the back windows, a new deadbolt was put on the front door, all blinds were taken down, and other doors have been more strongly secured. Our MOP, Mission-Oriented Policing (i.e., the daily patrol) , is in effect. The deputies said they are coming by once a day, and it may be anytime during day or night. Again, if you see any changes to the house—doors or gates open, windows covered or broken—please call 911 immediately.

October 17, 2013 - Another shed break-in on Calle Aurora two bicycles, tools, and a table saw were stolen and item of clothing from porch.The Sheriff's Dept was called and the deputy followed tracks in the desert to an abandoned house. He then called another deputy, and they entered the abandoned house and found a disaster. It is filled with mold, hornets’ nests, packrat nests, mice, cats, and birds. He immediately called the Health Department and they will be out to condemn and board up the house. In the meantime, he stressed that if anyone sees or hears anything unusual at any empty property—cars, voices, something in the yard, open doors or windows, anything moved or disturbed—to call the Sheriff’s Dept. immediately. They said they would keep an eye on this particular house, and there may be Pima Cty undercover there, i.e. taking surveys, etc. But again, if you see any activity at a known empty house on your street, please don’t hesitate. Call them!!! The deputy also confirmed that whoever came to the house nearby where the battery was stolen, was definitely casing the neighborhood to see if anyone was home. His opinion is that these squatters are probably meth addicts. They want batteries for the $10 fuel cell fee they can get from turning them in and that our stuff is probably en route to or already at a swap meet. He said that “any neighborhood that has empty houses has squatters.” He doesn’t think they’ll actually enter houses. Their m.o is that they are looking for what is outside and available. They operate at night and/or when people are not home.

October 16, 2013 - about 2 to 2:30 in the afternoon a neighbor on Calle Aurora came home and noticed the lid was off of their Excursion tool crate which was up against their garage doors temporarily. Shortly thereafter, someone knocked at their front door, but looking out they saw no car in the drive so did not answer the door. The woman was about medium height and build, wearing blue jean shorts and a light purple tank top, short hiking shoes and a satchel like purse. She eventually walked away. Spoke to next door neighbor and she said the woman came to her house and asked for jumper cables but she didn't have any. She didn't give her name or where her car was broken down. The woman was wearing glasses. In the morning they noticed their small shed door was opened. They discovered that the battery had been removed and the door left open. They feel the woman and the battery missing were connected. The Sheriff's office came out and took information from both the redident & neighbor. The case number is 131017179. The deputy also told us to call 911 if we encounter a suspicious person because they usually knock to see if anyone is home before breaking in for things they can sell for drugs. He also suggested taking pictures of valuables, such as electronics, jewelry, guns etc. Serial numbers and pictures of the item.

Week of ~Jan 2, 2013 - We had another illegal dumping in our Twin Hill neighborhood on Catalina near 11411 Calle Catalina. This is the second one in a couple of months.

August 8, 2012 - There was a vehicle break-in last night (Aug 8th) between 10 am and 6 am (Aug 9th), at the home of Mr. Ragsdale, 11691 E Calle Catalina. A locked '92 Chevy pickup with camper shell. The camper shell door was pried open. There was not much inside and not much, if anything was taken. One person walked down the driveway to commit this crime (one set of footprints). Mr Ragsdale called the Sheriff this morning who came out in 1/2 hr. The truck was parked outside the front of the house about 100 ft from the road. The Ragsdales do not have dogs or a gate, but they do have an alarm on the house.

April 25, 2012 - 11325 Linda Vista Tonight at about 7:15 pm as we were driving out on our road we past car that was not familiar so we stop and watched were it was going. The car was a Silver Nissan Sentra LP- ARX 7884 plate. The car drove to the end of Linda Vista went up the drive to the left and stayed there for a few minutes and then went to the Beastons house which is the drive to the right at the end. We waited and followed the car out. The driver drove fast and fishtailed down the road. The driver was male and passenger was female. I called the sheriff.

I received a phone call back from the sheriffs dept. he said that there was a recent burglary on Freeman ( within the last couple of days) and he would note this as supplement info and that I may have another call from them. Cindy Riley

April 23, 2012 - There was a break in that was reported on Linda Vista. Two younger men (20's) parked at LDS church in White Nissan Car 200SX appx. 2000...walked south on Melpomene went to SE corner of Linda Vista and Melpomene 11100 E Calle Linda Vista was the home. The home is a foreclosure home and evidently being used as a party house by these two individuals. They believe this is ongoing, both men were caught and booked. End of Story! No homes were broken into. Mark Russel on Linda Vista was paying attention and called the strange men in...the police were here immediately and are planning on responding quickly to our Neighborhood because we are so involved as a neighborhood watch.

March 22, 2012 - At 9:30am today a Bronze/brown Ford F150(orange and cream colored writing on the the F150 logo) short bed with extended cab pulled into the side driveway to a home that is a shared drive with two neighbors on 11511 Calle Catalina. Home owner was working in the yard and looked over the fence as a man about 5'7" and around 160# with dark hair and dark sunglasses. He was stepping out of the truck when he looked up and saw the owner, he immediately jumped back into the truck and started the truck with the door open, backed out while shutting his door, throwing gravel and fish tailing up to Calle Catalina. He then proceeded west. Unable to tell ethnicity to get a tag number.

Owner immediately called the sheriff's dept and within 10 minutes a deputy arrived and they had alerted the patrols in the area of the truck description. Anyone should call them immediately if they see this vehicle. Upon informing the two neighbors who share the driveway, one said she has seen this truck on several occasions in the neighborhood. We have had more activity of late of unrecognized vehicles or persons on our shared driveway.

March 15, 2012 - Calle Aurora - Yesterday afternoon (3/13) my husband was annoyed by two men who pulled up to the house in an unmarked SUV supposedly selling meat. I wasn't home and my husband didn't consider the implications of such an encounter until this morning when he opened your email. He told them he wasn't interested in anything they had for sale and they left. John said they were Anglos in their mid-30's. Not sure what the scam was, but if they actually had meat in the vehicle John felt they would have come by it illegally. This morning he wished he had paid more attention to the type vehicle and plate number. Basically he just wanted them to get off the property.

March 15, 2012 - Calle Aurora - A friend of ours was robbed during daylight hours a week or so ago, on Gollob. just off of Broadway and Camino Seco. The wife had left the house for a few hours, so it seemed that they were watching the house. The thieves stole valuables such as jewelry, (including her original wedding ring) but did not take electronics.They had lived in the house for about 20 years and had never had any problems, so did not have an alarm system.

I wonder if this is the same group of thieves. We have started leaving our alarm system on even when we leave during the day for a few hours. We were robbed a few years ago in another state, and the thieves only took electronics such as the TV and stereo. I think this new type of robbery is because a person can resell gold jewelry now for the gold in it and I'm not sure they ask where you got it. I think I've seen a sign right on Broadway advertising that they buy gold and even broken jewelry.

March 13, 2012 - Thieves are watching our nieghborhood. On Wed., Feb. 29, our home at 11505 E.. Calle Javelina was robbed. Many valuable things were taken. We think it was in the daylight hours, maybe 10-4. We were out on a family emergency, and did not take as much care as we normally do. A mail delivery came on Monday; they left a package. Three days of newspapers were delivered and were on the walkway. We did not have that much trash or recycling, so we did not have the neighbors take it out. The thieves could tell we were not home and went straight to the rooms where we had our valuables. If you saw a vehicle in our drive that day, please call Steve or Donna at 290-1268. We are the pink house with Christmas lights.

I received a phone call back from the sheriffs dept. he said that there was a recent burglary on Freeman ( within the last couple of days) and he would note this as supplement info and that I may have another call from them. Cindy Riley

They jimmied the sliding glass door to get in. If you have one of these old doors, the police recommend putting some pins in so they cannot be opened or lifted off the tracks.

Another house was broken into at 11525 E. Golf Links a few months back. Please take caution to make sure your house is protected while you are away.

October 12, 2011 - Early this morning, October 12 at 1:30 a.m., a neighbor saw a white low-rider pickup with blue decaled flames on the sides and tailgate riding extremely slowly along E. Calle Aurora. It stopped in front of the driveway for 11460 Aurora and then it stopped in front of the driveway of 11500 Aurora. It then came down to 11611, pulled into their drive and turned around. Our neighbor followed them in his truck to Ridgeside and then lost them.

He saw the truck’s license plate, which was: BL00378, though he couldn’t tell if it was an AZ plate. The background on the plate was white.

This follows an attempted break-in to this same neighbor’s back shed on Friday, October 7. He did report all of this to 911.Please be on the lookout for this vehicle, especially late at night, and call the Sheriff’s Dept. if you see it.

October 12, 2011 - 11500 E. Twin Hills Trai- Saturday afternoon I was having some work done on my property by a employee of mine and he said that two (2) men drove up the drive in a white 90’s Chevy pickup. He intercepted them before they got to the house and asked them if he could help them. They asked him if he knew who lived here and said he was looking for a particular person. My guy thought that was strange has the map he said he was using was not even a Tucson map. They drove off but my friends on the other side ofTwin Hills (west side) said they drove up to their house but turned around and left. One was an older male with white puffy hair and the other younger with long hair.

August 9, 2011- I live on Calle Aurora and several days ago I was missing a couple of bills. To make a long story very short, a man from La Cebadilla estates off of Tanque Verde called to say he found my credit card statement in his trash bin. He feels it was just put there recently as the bin had been emptied a few days ago. I think the word should be put out for everyone to get their mail as soon as they know it has been delivered. On our street that is hard to do since we have different mail people coming at different times. He said they have had several mail thefts recently in their subdivision. Hopefully, this will be helpful to our neighbors.

July 22, 2011 - Calle Catalina - I just received a call from Jayson Ragsdale. His family just had three men stop by (7PM) who claimed to be moron missionaries. They were driving a white car. There were some red flags for Jayson so he decided to give me a call and I felt it best to alert you.

Jayson said that half of his family are Mormon and he has never known missionaries 1. to be in groups of 3, 2. to go in the evenings or 3. to be in a car....usually they go in groups of 2, walk or ride a bike and go in the day time. He felt that these three could possibly be "casing the neighborhood" He is going to alert the police, if anyone has any experience with this group of individuals it would be good to let us know. There were two white gentlemen and one black gentleman. Thank you, Linda Nelson

June 23, 2011- Meeting on recent crime - Mr. Graham Hughes, block leader and victim, gave details about the break-in that occurred at his home on the evening of 6/23. He commended the Sheriff's Department on their quick response and handling of the event and the audience shared his sentiment with a round of applause.

Detective Tarnow talked about the incident at the Hughes residence and the other incidents that occurred that evening and the ongoing investigation. There were 9 incidents on 6/23 that happened between 11p.m and 5 a.m. in our area. 4 involved residences (1 occupied by Mrs. Hughes, 1 attempted house entry, 1 guest house, 1 garage/shed). The other 5 involved incidents involved vehicles


June 22, 2011 - Three cars were broken into just before midnight, Wednesday 6-22, on Freeman road between St. James and Twin Hills Trail. Nothing valuable was taken that we can see, but a stereo was broken, in an attempt to remove it. Some unopened boxes were taken & dropped half way down the driveway, indicating the intruders may have been on foot. We think we probably interrupted them, considering they left everything open and valuables still in the car.

Two homes next door to each other in this area were both broken into a couple of years ago. On both of those times it was on Wednesday as well.

here's some more info... in the early hours of the morning 6/23, there was a home invasion on timrod (halfway between freeman and pinto) footsteps were heard in the bedroom, the homeowner thought it was her son coming home (12.45 am) instead, it was a person. he snatched her purse, cel phone and two laptops. she called 911. the police were already in the neighbourhood with a canine unit. they had already been called about some car break-ins on freeman. there seem to have been 3 or 4 men. they were on foot. they/he got to the house on timrod through the wash and came in the back door. the deadbolt was not properly locked. a stolen car was found abandoned on twin hills/pinto area. one of the men was caught and is in the hospital with injuries caused by the police dog. he has a prior record. he, or the man who stole the phone made a call on it and received a call on it an hour later. the other men got away on foot. the homeowner walked her street this morning and found some of the items from her purse, including credit cards and a $20 bill. her house keys and drivers license are still missing. the police think the car break-ins started first along freeman, and then the home invasion. there was a truck broken into earlier still off speedway behind B & B cactus farm, and a stereo was stolen. sue watts.


I want to bring the following "sighting" to the attention of the neighborhood watch, Last night I was running a late errand, left my house at 11:30, was home by a bit after midnight. One the way out, I passed a white pick-up (fairly large, new, clean)) parked at the end of Linda Vista, just before my driveway begins. I didn't get a good read on the license plate, because it looked like there was someone in the truck, and I was reluctant to slow down or stop. The truck was still there when I returned, and the driver was out of the vehicle by the open driver's door with his back to the road. My impression: he was youngish, fit. Wearing jeans and a light shirt. Dark hair, neatly cut. Might've been talking on a cell phone. Again, I wasn't about to stop and ask for his whys and wherefores.

I called Cindy Reilly to ask if this person could be connected w/ her household, and she said definitely not. That's the whole story, whether something suspicious or innocent I've no idea. I have known people's GPS systems to send them down Linda Vista as if it were a thru street, despite the big DEAD END sign when you turn into the road. But if it was a navigational mistake, it was one that took a fairly long time to correct. Deborah G

January 18, 2011 - 11590 E. Calle Catalina- Today around 3:00 pm I was on my driveway washing my truck and two African American, man and woman (he was dressed in an old looking suit with a tie and she was in a dress) were coming down Monument Trail from the south heading north. They saw me out washing the truck and came down to my driveway. They introduced themselves and showed something that I thought was a fake ID. He said he was selling magazines but neither of them had anything to carry. I said I was not interested in buying a subscription. The male then asked for money because he had a hard life of drug dealing and was almost killed for it, he showed me a bullet hole in his throat. This made me very nervous. I nicely said I was not interested and that we were done here. It makes me wonder why someone would go through all that trouble to solicit way out here rather then going to a densely populated neighbor instead. I was wondering if these two had visited anyone else today besides me?

From Dorothy Bailey: These people came by our place on Monument Trail claiming to be selling magazines. They had visited several houses around our area because they asked if we knew several of our neighbors, mentioning them by name.

December 9, 2010 - At 4:15 PM today, the home of Doug Jones at 750 N. Freeman Rd. was broken in. Luckily, his alarm system was activated and the perpetrators left without anything. If possible, please get this notice to all of our neighbors. A reminder to lock all doors and be alert for suspicious activity is in order. Will follow up with more information as soon as we have it

ore information on the yesterday afternoon's break in at 750 N. Freeman Rd. The police reported the perpetrators wore gloves, so there were no fingerprints; they entered through a bedroom door, and the motion sensors triggered the alarms in the house. The tire marks outside the house were from large tires. The police also believe these people will try again soon.. So be vigilant.

August 8, 2010 -11715 E. Twin Hills - Yesterday afternoon my daughter was returning from shopping and had to wait while a black pick-up truck backed out of our driveway. Because of the discription of the truck she thought it very strange, and obtained the license number. As soon as she gave me the information I reported the incident to the sheriff's department. I have not heard back from them, and likely will not. The following is the information. We live at 11715 E. Twin Hills Trail, and several of our neighbors have been burgurlarized in the past.

August 2, 2010 - 11714 E. Twin Hill- On August 02, 2010, at approximately 2:20 PM . A black Ford pick-up truck, perhaps of early 2000 vintage. Heavily tinted windows, to the extent passengers couldn't be seen. The license plate was located in the back cab window behind the driver. License: ABN 8071. The tinting of the windows was so heavy that if our daughter hadn't been right at the drive, and the vehicle backed toward her to drive west of Twin Hills Tr, she would not have been able to read the plate.

No one came to our door, or otherwise tried to attract the attention of my husband or I. We were home at the time. This wasn't a simple, "I was turning around, because when our daughter saw the car there was enough room for her to have pulled onto the property behind the vehicle. There is no knowing how far into our property they drove. Keep your eyes open!

Between August 13 & 18, 2011 - A burglary on Calle Linda Vista has been reported. It occurred sometime between Saturday 8/13 and Thursday 8/18. The police came by to take a report notified and a forensic technician was also dispatched. More information will be report here if received.


July 6, 2011 - Minutes from Meeting with Pima County Attorney, Barbara LaWall Subject: PCSO case # 110623004 Oscar J Nevarez

Today this Office received several emails and a couple of phone calls regarding the arrest of Oscar Nevarez and the subsequent dismissal of charges. An explanation is important to understanding our reason for the dismissal.

First, I am very sorry that so many of you in the Twin Hills neighborhood have been so terribly victimized. It is extremely frightening and distressing to have had so many burglaries and thefts, and particularly upsetting when they have been nighttime break-ins while residents are at home. Second, I am also sorry that, at least at this time, we have been unable to prosecute any perpetrators of these crimes. I take my role as County Attorney very seriously and pride myself on this Office’s ability to prosecute aggressively. However, we must always do so being mindful of our legal and ethical obligations. Let me explain.

To make an arrest of a person, a law enforcement officer only needs probable cause to believe that a crime has occurred and that a particular person committed that crime. In other words, is it more reasonable than not to believe that the person arrested did the crime?

However, when a case is brought to the prosecutor’s office for formal charging, legally and ethically, we are obliged to have more than what is required of law enforcement. We must possess sufficiently admissible evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person arrested committed the crime. This is a far greater burden of proof than probable cause and requires additional evidence.

Unfortunately, in the case above, sufficient evidence to meet our burden of proof was unavailable, and we were unable to formally charge Oscar Nevarez. Pursuant to the Rules of Criminal Procedure, unless a person held in custody is formally charged within 10 days of his arrest, the case must be dismissed. Although charges against Nevarez were dismissed, they were not permanently dismissed, but have been dismissed without prejudice for further investigation. This means that the assigned Detective has been requested to continue investigating this case and attempt to find additional evidence which would meet our filing requirements and burden of proof.

Several of you have inquired why Nevarez was not charged with possession of stolen property since the victim’s stolen cell phone was actually found on him. That’s a good question, and unfortunately the legal answer is disappointing.

To charge someone with felony possession of stolen property, we must have evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the property stolen was valued at more than $1000. Theft of any property or services valued at less than one thousand dollars is a class 1 misdemeanor. If the detective is unable to turn up additional evidence showing that Nevarez was one of the gang of burglars victimizing your neighborhood, the opportunity exists to file a misdemeanor charge.

I know that this brief response will not answer all of your questions. I am always willing to come to your Neighborhood Watch or Homeowner’s Association meetings and personally speak and address your concerns. If you have any interest in my attendance, please contact my assistant Isabel at 740-5622 and she will schedule it.

Sincerely, Barbara LaWall Pima County Attorney

August 22,2009 - On Saturday evening, Aug 22nd, the home of Becca and Aric Walker, of 11205 E. Twin Hills Trail was burglarized. This was at about 10 pm and the owners were not home. The burglars came in through the front door, and took their TV, a play station and other similar items. The sheriff of course, was called out to investigate. It appears the owners have an idea who the burglars are. If you noticed anything unusual at the time of this incident, please call the sheriffs office.

April 8,2009 - Around noon last Wednesday (4/8/09) the home of the Tran's on Calle Linda Vista had intruders that tried to break in but an alarm went off and the intruders were seen driving out of the driveway in a white sedan.The door was damaged and the Sheriff Dept did respond. Mark and Laura Russell live next door to the west and Laura saw the car as it was speeding off.

(Additional Info posted 4/15/09): The sheriff said it looked like there were some finger prints to dust on their back door, so hopefully that will give them a lead.

The sheriff didn't have too much to lend, other than stating house alarms are a deterrent for thieves when they see the signs or window stickers. He also mentioned the latest strategy thieves are using is parking somewhere down the road, and using the washes for their to and from route. Lots of burglaries going on right now all over town.

March 10,2009- Suspicious Activity: A blue pickup with hood tied down with rope license #AEE2539 (Possibly Temp) was seen on St. James. People were acting nervous when questioned. Man said he was borrowing tire iron from Jim Shaffer. The woman in truck drove off and left the man.

January 26,2009 - Neighbors and the UPS delivery man have reported seeing a beige and light-yellow beat-up truck in our area several times and also the white van (same description as seen near the LDS church when last burglary occurred) was seen on Broadway.

January 23,2009- INTRUDER: (Case # 090123346) On Friday, Jan. 23, Tamara Mitchell (11,511 Calle Catalina) came home to find that someone had entered her courtyard and was peering into her home through the living room windows. There were face and hand prints on the windows, patio furniture had been moved around and some turned over, as well as the courtyard gate left open. Cigarette butts and a few candy wrappers were found in the area. Her dog, who was inside the house at the time, had scratched gouges in the door and had gone berserk in the living room around where the prints were found on the outside of the windows. The gate to their property was closed so the intruders must have walked into the area. This happened between 11:00 am and 7:30 pm.

January 14,2009 - BURGLARY: A neighbor has reported that a house on Freeman close to Old Spanish Trail was burglarized by three men on Wednesday. The owner – Vinnie – was home and in the back of the house when he smelled cigarette smoke. He caught them in the act and saw them, but didn’t see the vehicle. They fled with his wallet.

January 8,2009 - SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: At 1pm on the day of the Carlson's burglary I noticed a white van parked on the north side of the street across from the LDS church. It was facing east with a Caucasion man over 6' tall with dark hair with gray, slim build with a service blue shirt on. The van had blue faded writing that was illegible on the back panel and passenger door. He was on a cell phone trying not to look at me when I passed him. I backed up to get license number and it was covered by a tow hitch.

When I called the Fillman's to inform them of the burglary, Dave later told Ursula of the theft. They called to inform me that Ursula had also seen the same man and van driving east, when she noticed him he was driving very slow, upon seeing her he pulled into the driveway just west of the new home being built on Calle Catalina and drove fast down the drive and she did not see him after that.

I was at a client's house today and my roofer told me the same man and van were seen in his neighborhood before the holidays and they had two burglaries on their street within two weeks. Coincidence? I am giving the Sheriff's dept a statement on Monday regarding this. Wanted to share this information. Tami

January 8,2009 - SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Neighbors out walking noticed two older-type SUV's peeling out off Monument Trail onto Calle Catalina and speeding up toward the LDS church yesterday afternoon about the time of the Carlsons burglary. Perhaps the white van mentioned above was communicating with the SUV's??

January 8,2009- BURGLARY: The Carlsons on the northwest corner of Calle Catalina and Monument Trail had their home burglarized today between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. The Carlsons had been in Maine for about eight days, returning home after 9:00 pm last night with neighbors looking out after their property. Then today while they were out shopping for just a short time (they were gone no more than 1-1/2 hrs), when they returned they entered through their garage and noticed that the front door was open. The burglars had gone through every room, through drawers and cabinets. Carlsons are still compiling a list of things taken, but among stolen items were two computers with 3 separate backup drives, everything electronic they could find, microwave, jewelry, VCR and they even took their phone. The police were called and responded quickly. The first officer, after looking over the site, decided it should be handled by their IC Unit specialty group which didn’t arrive for a couple hours. Officers were very polite. It looked like the burglars had spun out quickly from the tire tracks left behind. The report number is 090108225.

December 23,2008 - Burglary: On 12/23, around noon, owners had left home located at end of East Twin Hills Road (1st house off Freeman) and on arriving home around 5:00 pm found that their door had been kicked in. A computer and gun were stolen and burglars had gone through other things. Deputies came out right away. They found foot prints of someone wearing boots and another person wearing athletic shoes.

~November,2008- Another burglary occurred at 11,760 East Twin Hills Trail (2nd time). Owners had left about 5 pm and when they came home later that day they found the front door ajar. Someone had entered and gone through their home. Newly purchased Jewelry was stolen. Owner called the deputy who had left his card from previous burglary, left message and was not called back. They called again and someone else came out who wasn't very anxious to help and did not have a good attitude.

November 20, 2008 - Attempted burglary: 11611 - t 1:35 this morning, the ringing of our door bell awoke us. I looked out a side window and observed two white males, one in a white hooded sweat shirt, the other in a dark colored shirt with some numbering on it, by the front door. The one in white tried the handle, the other was looking in window. I did not recognize either and therefore ignored them. When unexplained sounds were heard coming from the West side of the house, I called 911 who dispatched deputies to our location.

Two deputies arrived in a timely manner. They asked if I recognized the pickup parked in our driveway. I didn't. They ran the plates and the owner informed them he had lost his keys and that his vehicle was stolen. The deputies began lookng for evidence of a break-in. Shortly thereafter other cars arrived including a dog team. They searched the area without finding anyone.

After an hour and a half, they stopped the search and had the truck towed. At 7 o'clock this morning, two squad cars were in my driveway. When I went out through the garage I noticed debris which turned out to be the garage door insulation. I informed the deputies and they informed me that had apprehended one of them. I positively ID'd the black shirt of the individual in back seat of the car. Rick Weissenberger

August 21, 2008 - SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: I wanted to let you know that I saw a man (caucasian) 5'9" or close in a white chevy van this evening up by the mailboxes. I said hello, how you doing and he looked away and drove past very slow. He acted very suspicious and was a very rough looking character. When I got my van to turn around, he realized I was following him and sped up and took off on Melpomene. Did not get a tag number but was an Az tag. I talked to the Fillman's tonight about him and they informed me that they have seen on several occasion's a reddish-maroon duallie(?spelling, double back wheels) Dodge truck with welding equipment in the back. They saw him today and I saw him yesterday. He pulled into a neighbor's drive tonight when the Fillman's went past him, watched them and then took off the other way. Anyway wanted to let you know about these so you could get it posted. Our Neighbor on Calle Catalina, Tami Mitchell

March, 2008- COPPER WIRE THEFT - Sue Watts suggested I alert you to the recent activity at my home at 11200 E St. James Road. Two weeks ago our water (from our well) quit working in the late afternoon. We found the electrical box that runs the pump for the well with the cover plate opened and all the wires pulled out. It was puzzling to us as our property is gated. Two weeks later the owner of the “Cooler Guy” came to install a new evap cooler and told me that both of our other evap coolers had their panels taken off as if someone was working on them. When I told him about the well electric box, he seemed to feel he knew exactly what had happened at our house. He said illegals and meth users go around to electrical and mechanical devices and looking for copper tubing or wiring that they can strip and then turn into the scrap place for $$$. We later discovered that other electrical outlets in the front and back of our house had been tampered with as well. We have fixed all the damaged boxes, locked the boxes and gates in the side and back of our house. Installed security cameras and have filed a report with the sheriff’s dept. We did locate an area in the rear fence that looked as if someone went over it.

The odd thing about the electrical box at our well was that the water was fine and then I left to pick up kids from school and when I returned the water didn’t work anymore. It seems that the intruder either knew my schedule or was watching our house because they pulled the wires out during a 2 hour window that I was gone. Sherrie Robb

Feb 15, 2008 - ATTEMPTED BURGLARY - There was an attempted burglary of a home on Twin Hills Trail a short distance from Freeman road today, 2/15/08. One of the owners was away from home for one to two hours starting around 9:30 am. Upon arriving home there was a white van backing out of their driveway that resembled an electric or heating company vehicle. The vehicle headed west on Twin Hills. The owner did not pay too much attention to the vehicle but upon pulling into their yard noticed a gate open to a small entry yard. They further noticed that someone had made an attempt to open both sliding glass doors. The handle of one sliding glass door had been pulled off and was lying on the the porch.

Sept 22, 2007 - VANDALISM OF MAILBOXES On Sunday, September 22, the mailboxes at the corner of Calle Cataline and Melpomene were broken into. In the event that individual box holders wish to file a report, they should do so by contacting the Sheriffs office and tying their claim to case number 070923176.

January 17, 2007 - SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - On Wednesday, January 17, a neighbor noticed a new Nissan Tundra Truck, Black in color, driving East on Calle Catalina. The driver was a female, early 20's, blond hair in ponytail, and very light complexioned. In the passenger seat was a Hispanic male, very short hair (almost shaved head). The vehicle turned into a driveway which was blocked by a gate, turned around and drove West again. The neighbor stopped and asked who they were looking for and she said a "House", didn't know the family name, then said Aurora. When the neighbor informed her that she was on the wrong road, she changed the street to Catalina. The neighbor became suspicious of the two because of their demeanor, she was very talkative and he was laid back and did not speak. By the time the neighbor was able to turn around, they were gone. The neighbor drove down Calle Aurora and did not see them. Just FYI in case they are spotted again please get a plate and notify the sheriff's office.

January 11, 2007- SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - Thursday (Jan 11th) at 2:00 pm as I was driving east on Calle Catalina just about to Freeman Road a dark green older looking car with a young Hispanic male driving turned onto Calle Catalina from Freeman Road. Seeming to look suspicious, I turned around to follow him. He turned south on Monument trail and west on East Calle Linda Vista which is a dead end. He turned around in the driveway of the home at the end, passed me and continued back out the way he came. He went south on Freeman. The license number was 3AC-99-08. Dorothy Bailey

January 8, 2007 - BURGLARY- On January 8th at about 4:30 pm, Mrs. Cox was returning home (E. St. James Rd) and saw 3 men running into the desert with "stuff" they had stolen from a bus/storage parked on her property. Obviously, she had interrupted their attempt of a burglary. They had parked their truck up a long driveway belonging to June Humphrey. They did get away with some things. Tools mainly. Mrs. Cox said they must have been covered with stickers from running through the desert loaded with prickly pear and cholla! The sheriff was called out and a burglary report filed. Mrs. Cox did not get a good look at the truck or the men.

November 28, 2006 - SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY- Today I saw a car with an hispanic driver that was parked at the Church. When I slowed down to get a better look he took off and drove down 22nd and turned off near Prudence. The car was a silver Nissan Santra GXE. Plate # 632-KAG. I called 911 and gave them this information. If anyone see's this car again I urge you to do the same. A friend of mine who lives on Calle Aurora also saw the same car on his street yesterday driving very slow. He thought it looked out of place. Please pass this along to your neighbors. Rob Williamson

November 21, 2006 - BURGLARY OF HOME ON CORNER OF CALLE CATALINA AND MONUMENT TRAIL - Burglars have broken into a home in our neighborhood watch area on Calle Catalina while home owners were away. A laptop computer, weapons, alcohol and various small appliances were taken. It happened between 1:00 and 2:00 pm yesterday, November 21. A neighbor saw a Christies Appliance truck in the area around that time. There were two large caucasian male occupants in the truck. One had a shaved head and the other had blonde hair. The same two persons were seen speeding down Calle Catalina on an ATV about 45 minutes later after being seen in the Christies Appliance truck. The burglary was discovered when a neighbor saw the home owner's dogs running loose and when they took them home a broken window was discovered and bedroom door open.

November 2006 - Followup of below stolen vehicle - The owner of the stolen car told me today that there is no news of her car. Most probably gone to Mexico. She has a new Toyota Hilander. However, she has recovered her purse!! The Police had been following a stolen car. They followed it to a motel near I 10 on the west side. The driver went into the motel, and when he came out, he was arrested. The police obtained a search warrant for the motel room. Five people were arrested in an identity theft ring! My friends' identification was found in a file marked with her name, ready for sale! There were many other stolen identities there for sale also. Apparently, the people in the ring (all Anglo's) move from city to city every three weeks or so looking to steal cars and identities. Sue Watts

November 16, 2006 - Larry Bieberstein works for TEP. He lives on Twin Hills Trail. On his way home from work Thurs, Nov 16th, he stopped at Petsmart (Broadway and Pantano) for dog food at 7pm. He parked RIGHT OUTSIDE the store, and was in there for FIVE minutes. He was in his brand new TEP truck. It was locked. When he came out, the truck was GONE. He waited 2 and a half hours for the police to come. The truck was very low on gas. No news yet of the whereabouts of the truck. As he sat and waited for the police to show, he noted that the average time for people shopping at the store was 4 minutes.

November 9, 2006- TWO cars were stolen from the parking lot at the start of the trails for hikers. They were both SUV's, one a new Toyota Hilander. It was that owners turn to car-pool, and then, after a hike, the party were going to go on to lunch. She had placed her purse under the driver's seat. It was 8.08am when they set off, and by 8.27am, two of her credit cards had already been used! One was a gas card, and the police said they had filled up with gas to move the car on to Mexico. It was obvious that they had been watched parking the vehicle, and that the thieves moved on it really quickly. Please be careful when leaving a vehicle parked at a similar parking lot for hiking. It would be smart NOT to leave valuables in the car.

November 9, 2006- Some homeowners had their trash cans "TAGGED" this week. They live on or near Kensington Avenue, just south of Broadway, and off Houghton to the west. To be "TAGGED" means that gang members (or kids) have sprayed graffiti, and it apparently means that they can expect more problems. ie a robbery.

June 1, 2006 - between 8:00 am-12:00 pm - Attempted burglary of home on Old Spanish Trail and Melpomene. Someone broke the lock of one door but didn't get in through 2nd locked door. Home owners were gone but handyman came by.

May 24, 2006 - between 3:00-5:00 pm - Burglary of home on Freeman between Twin Hills and St James. Items taken: jewelry and coin collection. Back door was jimmied open. A reddish-maroon sedan similar to an older Honda or Toyota was seen speeding on St James and a few minutes later on Melpomene. The same described vehicle was seen a couple days before by someone else. Occupants were three young males.

May 10, 2006 ~1:30 pm - Burglary at 296 S. Pinto off St. James. Entry was through front of house window that was left cracked open. Exit was through back door. Items taken: electronics, TV, gun, jewelry. A silver Ford Taurus auto with tinted windows and a bent antenna was seen in area by a neighbor around this time.

May 5, 2006 - A white late model SUV has been seen several times in our area with no apparent purpose. Vehicle seen once driving around on Twin Hills Road and Pinto around 5:00 pm evening of May 5 and again on another date was seen parked on east shoulder of Freeman Road between Twin Hills and St James. The occupants appeared to be of Hispanic descent, the driver a large heavy person

May 3, 2006 between 1:00-2:00 pm - Burglary at 11300 Calle Aurora. Items taken: money, jewelry, guns, alcohol, power tools.

April 19, 2006 - Burglary at residence on Melpomene and Old Spanish Trail (11000 Melpomene). Many items were taken. Entry was through pet door.

April 11, 2006 - It has been reported to our Neighborhood Watch leaders that someone attempted to enter a house on Calle Catalina. There was nothing reported stolen.

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September 12, 2017 -September 12, 2017- The block leaders met at the home of Paul Mackey to plan the fall meeting and activities. Present were Ellen Steiber, Tracy Young, Debra Driggs, Kirsten Walker, Mark Russell, Linda Nelson, Susan Watts.

November 9, 2014 - Our fall meeting was held with apx 45 neighbors in attendance. An interesting talk was given by Sergeant Marsha Darns on identity theft, scams and other crime.

October 7, 2014 - The block leaders are meeting at the home of Linda Nelson to plan the fall neighborhood watch party and discuss various other issues.

October 8, 2013 - The block leaders met at the home of Millie and Rob Williamson to plan the fall neighborhood watch party. Present were Rob Williamson, Dorothy Baily, Bud Lewis, Steve Comella, Leo Landau, Rod Brandon, Debra Driggs, Linda Nelson, Ellen Stieber, Kristen Walker and Milly Williamson. Party invitations have been sent out via email, and by snail mail to those without email.

August 8, 2013 - A new supplemental web site was set up to host private discussions among members..

September 12, 2012 - A bat found outside of the Pima County Juvenile Court on Sept. 12, 2012 has tested positive for rabies. read more...

August 24, 2012- The Twin Hills Neighborhood block leaders met August 24 to plan the next neighborhood block party. Linda Nelson hosted the meeting.

Two representatives from Calle Javalina street were invited to our meeting to help them along in their goal of setting up their own neighborhood watch group. They had previously requested to join our group, but it was decided that they would be better served by starting their own since we are such a large group already.

Steve Comella from Pinto Rd, and Rod Brandon from Monument Trail, were "presented" with their badges as new neighborhood watch block leaders.



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Current Block Leaders for Twin Hills Neighborhood Watch

Calle Aurora - - - - - Ellen Steiber- - - - - -  -  301-4274 - - -esteiber@earthlink.net

Calle Aurora - - - - - Kirsten Walker - - - - - -  977-6757 - - - kirsten@frankirsten.com

Calle Linda Vista - - Mark Russell - - - - - - -  -  907-3879- - - drmarkr@gmail.com

Calle Catalina - - - - Linda Nelson- - - - -  907-6000- - - nelson6000@gmail.com

Calle Catalina - - -  - Robby Williamson- - - - -886-3562 - - -robandmilly@msn.com

Melpomene/W St James-  - Sue Watts - - - - -  954-2131- - - wluckydog@aol.com

Monument Trail - - -Rod Brandon - - - - - - -  290-6530- - - rod.brandon@gmail.com

Pinto/Twin Hills (West)- Dorothy Bailey - - -  609-9831- -dorothyjbailey@msn.com

St James (West) - - Sue Watts- - - - - - - -  954-2131- - - wluckydog@aol.com

St James (East)- - -  Sue Watts- - - - - - - - - 954-2131 - - wluckydog@aol.com

Twin Hills (West)- -  Vivieanne Danielson -  - 298-5713- - - VivieanneAZ@aol.com

Twin Hills (East)- -   Tracy Young  - - - - - - 396-4804 - - - tyoung7788@gmail.com


Area Leader

Area Leader - - - - - Paul Mackey - - - - - - - 686-1459- - - zmackey@gmail.com



Webmaster - - - - - - Dorothy Bailey - - - - - - 609-9831 - - - dorothyjbailey@msn.com


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(520) 622-5800 or Pima Illegal Dumping - - - Report illegal dumping in the county

To report an illegal dumping in progress, please call 911 first.

(520) 243-7999 - - - Pima County Health Department's West Nile Virus Hotline

(520) 243-5900 - - - Pima Animal Care Center rabies control. NOTE: If you see a sick nocturnal animal or a dead bat on the ground, it may have rabies. Do not touch it. Cover it with a box or container and immediately notify the Pima Animal Care Center.


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United for a Stronger Neighborhood... The goal is simple: To make each home, each street and each area crime resistant. The Twin Hills Neighborhood Watch program has been organized to enable us as neighbors to work together to keep our area crime-free.

We are committed to keeping our homes and neighbors' homes protected by being alert to activity around us, using crime prevention tips and alerting our neighbors to suspicious activity.


The Twinhills Neighborhood Watch IS a voluntary association of neighbors that agrees that the safety of our neighborhood is important and that the many eyes of neighbors help keep it safe. It is our hope that this vigilance will discourage burglaries and crimes in our neighborhood. The Neighborhood Watch IS NOT a HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION.

We are committed to:

  • Communication: Keeping everyone in the neighborhood informed of any crime committed in the neighborhood. We send out reports via email or phone calls, and also provide a hosted website with information about any break-in or suspicious activity.
  •  Safety Education: Providing excellent local sources to speak at our annual potlucks with instruction on protecting our homes, protecting personal property, identifying suspicious activity, and knowing when to call for police help.
  • Annual Neighborhood Get-Togethers: These gatherings encourage camaraderie, education, and a sense of community.


In 2003, because of the area (St James, Twin Hills, Calle Catalina, Pinto Place and Melpomene Streets) being the target of burglars four times that year, Sue Watts and Chris Kuebler got together to find out what could be done. They looked into starting a Neighborhood Watch Association. On November 6th they had an initial meeting of around twenty families from the area to get the ball rolling. Two sheriff deputies and two sheriff auxiliary volunteers were in attendance. Sue Watts (851 S. Melpomene) & Chris Kuebler (720 S. Freeman Rd.) volunteered to be the area team leaders.

 They completed and sent appropriate paperwork to the county to allow the placement of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH signs on our streets. There were 81 residences in the area so volunteers were needed to call four or five neighbors two or three times a year to announce meetings or give a heads up on important news.

By April 2004 Neighborhood Watch signs had been put in place on the following streets: Twin Hills Trl, St James Rd, Melpomene, Pinto Place, Calle Catalina and Calle Linda Vista

By April 2005 a web site had been set up and the official name of TWIN HILLS NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH was adopted.

By March 2006 new signs were designed and purchased to put on top of the current NW signs to show that our area is actively involved in fighting crime. Many of the current residents made extra donations to pay for the cost of the new signs.

By October 2006 DSL had come to our area and residents started using the Internet and email. This made it possible to communicate more conveniently and immediately about burglaries, suspicious activity and to send out news letters etc. without the cost of mailing and the time involved calling everyone.

July 2008 our neighbors to the South on Calle Aurora requested to join our Neighborhood Watch. Signs were put up on Calle Aurora and contact information collected. This made a total of 136 member residences in our Neighborhood Watch group.

Aug 2013 a supplemental web site was set up where members can have private online discussion on various issues and postings can only be created and viewed by members of Twin Hill Neighborhood.